june 18, 23 2005 // Williamsburg & DUMBO, Brooklyn

Manhunt had been going better than I could have ever expected! People from all over the world e-mailed me, including members of the press, asking all kinds of questions about these silly urban games on the streets of Brooklyn. I decided it was time to take it to the next level: team games with everybody's favorite, Capture the Flag.

The first game:
The first game was set in Hipster Central, Williamsburg, Brooklyn: chosen for its scenic view, cobblestones and rail tracks, it made an excellent field for Capture the Flag. By far the largest turnout of any game, almost 50 people came out to this one. My friend Shival rolled up to people running in all directions and screaming "Incoming!" The rules were still a little hazy, but the spirit of all-around fun pervaded to make a truly unique night. Winner- the Yellow Team. the original ad // the group shot // top

The second game:
The second game was set in DUMBO, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, because it had proven one of the best spots we had used so far. Complete with the Jay Street Connecting Rail, two bridges, the Manhattan skyline, and enough cobblestone and graffiti to prove we were in Brooklyn, DUMBO is beautiful in a gritty, I Love New York kind of way. The turnout was a perfect size, filled with lots of loving, familiar faces, and the rules this time were more clear. This made for an excellent game full of screaming, running, laughing and pandemonium! As it was the last game before I left, the result was appropriately - a draw. the original ad // the group shot // the video // top

Blog mentions and press:
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The original rules:

The game board is divided into two "sides" by a street or avenue. Each team is chosen at random; but friends' preferences will be respected. Armbands will be used to denote teams. Each team is given a flag and is allowed 10 minutes to hide the flag and develop a strategy. The flag MUST be placed on the corner of two streets. At the end of the 10 minute planning time, a fog horn will sound.

The central street ("the border") is neutral territory, but the sidewalks of the central streets are not.

Players are safe on their side. If they are in enemy territory, they can be tagged by an opponent. If you are tagged, you must proceeed to the furthest street in your own territory.

Players are allowed to use bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, longboards, taxis, and B61 busses as long as they are not carrying a flag.

A point is scored when the enemy's flag enters your territory. When a point is scored, a fog horn will sound and all players must return to their sides for a 2-minute flag re-hiding.

The team with the most points at the end of 60 minutes wins! :) // top

Photos, video and maps:

There are a lot of pictures that haven't been uploaded yet, so for now, here are the group shots, 1 video and a map of the Williamsburg game:


For more information, contact kevin at newmindspace.com - otherwise, keep posted for new projects in your metropolis :) // top


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