september 30, 2005 // bay street, toronto

cellphones are highly recommended. cameras are optional. energy is mandatory :) we are still looking for referees! if you would like to ref, click here.

Join us for our next game of Capture the Flag, the urban recess game where teams hit the pavement! Run around the streets of Toronto's Financial District, land of towering skyscrapers of steel and glass. Ride subways, streetcars, buses & escalators to the enemy base, hide underground in the PATH system, find their flag, outmaneuver their flag keepers and dash home for a point in this pulse-quickening game of capture. Defend your concrete turf by tagging trespassers and sending them back to their side. Our last game and subway party were wonderful (thanks to you!); come capture the flag in Toronto for a night of Autumn joy. The streets are your playground, reclaim them!

We will meet at the SW corner of King and Bay on September 30, 2005 at 8:30 PM. Take the subway to King, the King streetcar to Bay or the #6 bus to King. Bring cellphones to communicate with your team!

Capture The Flag! Bay Street
Friday September 30th 2005
King St. & Bay St. // 8:30 PM
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

join us for a game of capture the flag. that's right. you don't even have to tell us, we know we're old school :)
rain date: this event is rain or shine

to visit the page of our previous game in the kensington market, click here. this section features pictures, media coverage and nostalgia.

for online html map, click here
for printable, legal size pdf map, click here


The Map
The game board is divided into two "sides" by King Street. Each side of King Street belongs to a team, but the street itself is neutral. The boundaries shall be Queen Street to the north, Front Street to the south, Yonge Street to the east, University Avenue to the west.

Each team is chosen at random; but friends' preferences will be respected.
Glowing armbands will be used to denote teams.

Planning Time

Each team is given a flag and is allowed 10 minutes to hide their flag and develop a strategy.
The flag MUST be placed on the corner of two surface streets with at least 3 points of approach. No alleys, laneways, dead end streets or underground pathways.
At the end of the 10 minute planning time, a cellular call will go out and the game will begin.

Cellphones will be used to make a telephone chain to keep up team communication.

Players are safe on their side. If they are in enemy territory, they can be tagged by an opponent. If they are tagged, they must proceed to the border and count to ten.

Players are allowed to use bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, longboards, taxis, streetcars, buses, and the subway as long as they are not carrying a flag. You may use the PATH system while carrying a flag.

A point is scored when the enemy's flag enters your territory. When a point is scored, you must call a referee for the point to count.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! :)

Cost and Age Restriction
Our events are always free and all ages! You do not need to sign up, just show up :) But we appreciate the roll call. If you are late, simply choose a team by putting on an armband, which will be left for you.

e-mail for more details, and check out our good friends at Manhunt Toronto, urban gaming pioneers!

Volunteers: We are looking for volunteers to referee. If you would like to referee, contact lori or kevin (at) 416 875 4795.

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