july 26 2005 // kensington market, toronto

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Thank you Toronto, city of endless possibilities. Join the mailing list for information about our future projects!

Join us for a game of Capture the Flag, the urban game with teams, sides and flags! Run around the streets of Toronto's Kensington Market, land of Al Waxman and bicycles. Outwit opponents, hiding behind fruit stand corners before you find their flag, outmaneuver their flag keepers and dash home for a point in the pulse-quickening game of yesteryear. Defend your territory with all its vintage goodness by tagging trespassers and sending them back to their side. The games in New York have been wonderful; come capture the flag in Toronto for a night of summer joy. The streets are your playground, reclaim them!

We will meet at College & Augusta (SW corner) on Tuesday, July 26 at 9:30 PM. take the Spadina streetcar to College or the College Streetcar to Augusta. And bring your cellphones. This game is technology enabled :)

July 26th, 2005
Capture the Flag
Kensington Market, Toronto
College & Augusta, 9:30pm

join us for a game of capture the flag. that's right. you don't even have to tell us, we know we're old school :)
rain date: this event is rain or shine

this is the map.

The game board is divided into two "sides" by a street or avenue. Each team is chosen at random; but friends' preferences will be respected. Armbands will be used to denote teams. Each team is given a flag and is allowed 10 minutes to hide the flag and develop a strategy. The flag MUST be placed on the corner of two streets. At the end of the 10 minute planning time, a cellular call will go out.

Cellphones will be used to make a telephone chain to keep up team communication.

The central street ("the border") is neutral territory, but the sidewalks of the central streets are not.

Players are safe on their side. If they are in enemy territory, they can be tagged by an opponent. If you are tagged, you must proceed to the border.

Players are allowed to use bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, longboards, taxis, and streetcars as long as they are not carrying a flag.

A point is scored when the enemy's flag enters your territory. When a point is scored, you must call a referee for the point to count.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! :)

$free and All Ages. You do not need to sign up, just show up :) But we appreciate the roll call. If you are late, simply choose a team by putting on an armband, which will be left for you.

e-mail for more details, and check out our good friends at Manhunt Toronto, urban gaming pioneers!


Welcome readers of The Globe and Mail and Dose! Media enquiries can be directed to kevin or lori (at) newmindspace.com.

See you all at the game! :)

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