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In the future, robots will pilot everything. For now, we have the SkyTrain :)

Join us for a special Newmindspace transit party on the Vancouver SkyTrain, featuring live automaton beats, a booming 500-watt renegade soundsystem, outrageous costumes, over-the-top décor, sexy androids, cyborgs and a robotpilot t-shirt giveaway! Dress in nuts and bolts, white + silver, or your favourite bot. Accompanied by a wild afterparty :)

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18th 2006
Meet @ VCC
/Clark station @ 9:09 PM
$free + all ages!

For more info, e-mail love @


please leave no trace listen to translink workers no smoking :)
You may join the party at any Millennium station, but the fun starts at VCC/Clark :)

Kevin Bracken and Lori Cherilyn Kufner are the brains behind Newmindspace, which hosts free pillow fights, subway parties, capture the flag, bubble battles and more in New York and Toronto. This will be their first ever west coast event :)

To see what kinds of train parties we throw in Toronto, check out this video. More information will become available, so for now, the best thing to do is subscribe to the mailing list. We can't wait to see you there! :)

for more info, e-mail love @

Famous robots: optimus prime clango johnny5 robot from lost in space terminator r2-d2 c-3po red robot eva rosie from the jetsons