june 9 2005 // dumbo, brooklyn //

report from the field: manhunt was tons of fun! dumbo was a perfect area and running on the cobblestones is always exhilirating! check out eric mcgregor's blog for some awesome pictures. the 9 party was excellent as well; we joined hundreds of people at chambers street for singing, dancing, drinking and silliness in the car that was our own for a night. i'm going to miss you, new york.

The totally regressive game of hide and seek with a run-like-mad urban flair. The city is your playground! Redefine public space and reclaim the streets for a summer of silly games! Run and hide along Brooklyn's waterfront among cobblestones, bridges, warehouses and the trolley tracks, one stop outside of Manhattan. A single hunter seeking a swarm of hunted ultimately becomes a mob of bloodthirsty hunters seeking the lone renegade. we will be meeting on the corner of Jay Street & York Street on thursday, june 9 at 7:00 PM sharp. take the A, C, F to Jay Street or the F to York Street. here's a neat summary you can send to your friends:

Thursday, June 9th, 2005
MANHUNT! Dumbo, Brooklyn
Jay & York, 7:00pm sharp
(A, C, F)
join us for a game of manhunt. that's right. you don't even have to tell us, we know we're old school :)
rain date: june 16

After the event, we will be joining 1 More Time for the 9. (Chambers Street Station, uptown track, last car 9pm)

rules (adapted from manhunt-toronto.com)
manhunt is a hide-and-seek variant. the game starts out with one person, known as the hunter, who is "it". After the hunter has been selected, the hunted have 120 seconds to hide.

If a hunted is tagged by a hunter, she or he is converted and forced to join the side of the hunters. at the end of the designated time limit, all hunted who have not been caught are declared the winners.

play occurs within predetermined boundaries. if a hunted exits these boundaries for any reason, she/he joins the hunters. players are identified as being distinct from the general civilian population by means of a highly-visible armband.

future games
we will tackle new neighborhoods weekly throughout the month of june! capture the flag coming soon :D

e-mail for more details.

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