This August, we are heading to Burning Man for the very first time! We have never been to the west coast together before, so we thought that on the way, we could organize some fun, free events in Vancouver and San Francisco! The best way to hear about these events is by getting on your city's mailing list:

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vancouver august 18
In Vancouver, we are going to do something involving the SkyTrain, the musical duo known as Woodhands, and a 200W renegade soundsystem! To see what kinds of subway parties we throw in Toronto, check out this video.

san francisco august 26
In San Francisco, we are hoping to have a massive Bubble Battle on August 26th. To see what a bubble battle looks like, check out the video from our NYC bubble battle in June, they're a lot of fun!

(Oh yeah, we might need a place to crash for a night or two in either city... we're cute and very tidy! We are also seeking a ride to Black Rock City, so if any burners are headed out that way from the Bay Area, we'd really appreciate it!)

More information will become available as we get closer to our trip, so for now, the best thing to do is subscribe to the mailing list. We can't wait to see you there! :)

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