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A party. On the subway. Next one: Soon!

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Deep below the streets of Toronto on Planet Earth, subterranean bliss erupts before your eyes. You step onto a subway car, hear three chimes and suddenly you are riding the rocket. Ads are replaced with art, aliens blow bubbles, astronauts dance and robots sing. On Tuesday, August 16th, you earthlings are invited to join a subway party for a night of cosmic proportions. Bring: costumes, instruments, bubbles, cameras, decorations, space toys, glowsticks, moon boots or just a friend to the southbound track of Downsview station at 11:22 PM. Your destination: alpha centauri! You blast off with enough time to catch the last rocket back to Earth.

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
Ride the Rocket subway party
Downsview Station, Toronto
. Meet at the end of the southbound track.

What's a subway party?

The fine print: You can join the party at any point on the Yonge-University-Spadina line (just wait by the last car at your station). This event is all ages and 100% free. There is no need to sign up, simply show up, but make sure to join our mailing list! Contact kevin or lori (at) Please respect our transit workers: leave the subway car clean so they will welcome us back. Check back nearer to the event in case the time is changed (to accommodate the last train). If for any reason you have not reached Finch by 1:10 AM, get off the train and go south again.

Please forward this to fun people and relevant blogs!

for more info, contact kevin or lori.

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creativemonster from toronto

Posted: 07:30 am [GMT] on December 13 2005

I work as a doorman at one of Toronto's hotspots - The subway party was by far one of the best events i have gone to in recent memory - no problems - everyone there was there for a good time, good people, good music, good vibe and cover was only 2.50 - ( buss fare ) lets do thi again real soon

Auvniet from Calgary

Posted: 07:31 am [GMT] on December 13 2005

so awesome...time to take back OUR space!!!!

Craig from Vancouver

Posted: 07:29 am [GMT] on December 13 2005

Gotta launch one on the Skytrain in Vancouver :P

Chris from Toronto

Posted: 03:49 am [GMT] on December 12 2005

definatly the best party i've been to in a long time, keepem coming......

fotograf416 from tdizzle

Posted: 02:22 am [GMT] on December 11 2005

22 additional pics added. lots of group shots.

Phries from T.

Posted: 10:39 pm [GMT] on December 10 2005

Sorry to double post but I blogged my XP:
Feel free to remove this post if it's unwanted.

Chris Humphries from T.

Posted: 09:03 pm [GMT] on December 10 2005


Excellent time. I've been waiting for this since September and it was worth it. Met alot of cool people and everyone really brought it. And by 'it', I mean awsome.

Jeremy from Toronto

Posted: 09:41 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005

Thanks again for hosting the party, and tolerating the creepy old guy.

Craig from Ryerson

Posted: 06:03 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005

God Bless us Everyone!! and man did that swing Hurray for everyone!!

fotograf416 from tdizzle

Posted: 06:03 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005

you have been blogged:

chris from a bad place

Posted: 05:21 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005**ubwayparty/

noz from toronto

Posted: 04:53 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005

that was lovely guys. I had the best time ever! mmm. And jose, great photos!

Smiley from Toronto

Posted: 04:07 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005

Yoo! That was so bomb! So packed!

stef from downtown Toronto

Posted: 03:41 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005

Oh My! So much fun. So many great people - love the drum! and the flutes ! More Holiday Singing!

ZAIDEN from Toronto

Posted: 02:46 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005


fotograf416 from tdizzle

Posted: 02:23 pm [GMT] on December 09 2005


ben from downtown

Posted: 08:49 am [GMT] on December 09 2005

wicked party guys. The trip was like a flash

Josť from Toronto

Posted: 07:35 am [GMT] on December 09 2005

111 PICS from last night:
Hurrah for Kevin and Lori for organizing this again!

Alex from Toronto

Posted: 07:12 am [GMT] on December 09 2005

Kick ass! Looking forward to the next event!


Ian from Toronto

Posted: 06:26 am [GMT] on December 09 2005

Great turnout!

Next time, a little more warning regarding the afterparty + loc (so that I book time off of work the next day!) (and some mistletoe...)


mike from toronto

Posted: 06:20 am [GMT] on December 09 2005

once again, amazing job k&l! best subway party ever!!

MEL from Cookieland

Posted: 02:31 am [GMT] on December 09 2005

Hmmm I am thinking u guys should throw a party IN the subway tunnels..after the last trains go:)..hehe if I knew more about this ahead of time I woulda brought some tunes! Till next time:)

Rob from Toronto

Posted: 10:16 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005

Any OCAD kids coming? I'm going anyways.

Dan from Toronto

Posted: 09:14 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005

exams are temporary, parties are forever

stef from toronto

Posted: 09:08 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005

hmm if it was a friday i could have had a party...poor kitty would be locked in my room though!

Ashley from Toronto

Posted: 07:47 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005

come on little b*tch, let's do the twist.

lauren from markham

Posted: 06:49 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005


spitz from guelph

Posted: 05:46 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005

ya mo be dere!

shellz from woodbridge

Posted: 01:19 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005

more warning, more warning next time!!!
hmm, in class essay exam prep,everything elce i have to catch up on, or subway party...

Violetta from Toronto

Posted: 11:21 pm [GMT] on December 07 2005

PARTY IN THE TRUCK! I mean train... =P

nicki from toronto

Posted: 09:57 pm [GMT] on December 07 2005

wow im realy exited i luv u all see u there!!!1

sandy from Toronto

Posted: 04:45 pm [GMT] on December 07 2005

costumes permitted, hmm? I'll be there with bells on!

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 04:47 pm [GMT] on December 07 2005

why during exams! whyyyyy

noz from toronto

Posted: 06:15 am [GMT] on December 07 2005

Oh. am soooo there! this sounds fantastic! screw the essay, I say.

lori from toronto

Posted: 06:12 am [GMT] on December 07 2005

<3 hey derek!
not tomorrow, but thursday for sure! we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you!!

corporatecutie (derek) from Barrie

Posted: 05:03 am [GMT] on December 07 2005

s***, tommorow !

Looks like I better find a way there :P

kevin from toronto

Posted: 03:15 am [GMT] on December 07 2005

yes, lots of awesome buttons! :D

kirby from Scarborough

Posted: 02:50 am [GMT] on December 07 2005

I cant wait.
Are you going to have some of those awesome buttons with you? :D

mintjellie from toronto

Posted: 01:20 am [GMT] on December 07 2005

seeya on thursday!

lori from toronto

Posted: 06:14 am [GMT] on December 06 2005

well dan, if you bring a present to give to someone at the party, you will certainly get one back, but feel free to bring as many presents as you want to give to strangers!

erin from oakville

Posted: 05:47 am [GMT] on December 06 2005

gosh dang it! i want to go! dang class in oakville at 8am the next day...

Dan from from Toronto

Posted: 04:54 am [GMT] on December 06 2005

we should give presents to commuters

Sasha from Toronto

Posted: 10:27 pm [GMT] on December 05 2005

So excited. So excited!

amandla from pickering

Posted: 09:23 pm [GMT] on December 05 2005

oh, awesome!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 06:40 am [GMT] on December 05 2005

sooner! :) a weeknight...

amandla from pickering

Posted: 04:09 am [GMT] on December 05 2005

this saturday or what...

lori from toronto

Posted: 01:30 am [GMT] on December 05 2005

this week this week this week!!!!

lori* from toronto

Posted: 07:57 pm [GMT] on November 30 2005

subway party soon!
keep your eyes peeled!!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 08:04 pm [GMT] on November 21 2005

have you submitted anything to the TTC's Pizzazz contest?

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