snow day II february 2nd 2008

photo by youngna park

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Snow Day will be an afternoon of sledding, snow castles and a giant snowball fight! Brave the gully's treacherous hills with a crazy carpet or just the seat of your pants. Dress warmly, bring refreshments and have fun!

Our wishes have finally come true :) After a massive downpour of snow, we will be sledding in Trinity Bellwoods Park all morning.

Then at 1 PM, we will commence the snowball fight in the centre of the bowl! :D

Build snowforts, jumps for sledding, and snow people!

Afterward, join us in Nathan Phillips Square for the second weekend of WinterCity, with hot chocolate, fire art and dance music.


for more info, e-mail love @


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billy-jay from Location unknown

Posted: 12:41 am [GMT] on December 03 2008

sturgeon falls

国際結婚 from Location unknown

Posted: 09:19pm[GMT]onAugust222008


Jack from the warm library :(

Posted: 09:08 pm [GMT] on February 03 2008

D'oh. Missed this.

Holly O from Toronto - North York

Posted: 05:57 am [GMT] on February 03 2008

Had a great time today! Between throwing snowballs for ages and flying through the air on the sledding hills, I'm going to be reeeeally sore tomorrow.

Rainbow's Connections from Mississauga

Posted: 04:44 pm [GMT] on February 02 2008

We would like to congratulate you on a very family-friendly, very fun event. We had a blast. Thank you.

Holly O from Toronto - North York

Posted: 02:40 pm [GMT] on February 02 2008

I am SO coming to this! Last year was awesome.
Maybe I'll get warm again and rock the short sleeves this year.

Unessential from toronto

Posted: 06:43 am [GMT] on February 02 2008

Did you just post this now? Well, I just saw it now. I was planning to go to my friends house, but. Since i brought him last year, I guess I can convince him to go.

kevin from toronto

Posted: 12:30 am [GMT] on February 02 2008

same weekend, same place, tonnes more snow :D

Johnny from NYC

Posted: 05:12 am [GMT] on September 14 2007

Please, Please tell me it is happening again in 2008!! Same time..., Same place...?

I've got a lot of anger in me...

dwayne brown from unknown

Posted: 08:26 pm [GMT] on August 17 2007

This is dwayne the big dog

Zohar from north york

Posted: 03:02 am [GMT] on February 19 2007

i mean zohar (?)

Chris from Weston

Posted: 12:37 am [GMT] on February 17 2007

Now, when you say Zohar, do you really mean Zohar?

Dani from the Q west

Posted: 04:26 pm [GMT] on February 14 2007

let's have a frickin' snowball fight today =)

Isabelle from toronto

Posted: 10:13 pm [GMT] on February 13 2007

awesome day. Lots of fun:)

kevin from toronto

Posted: 05:22 am [GMT] on February 13 2007

re: picnic tables: that was definitely the best part :D

Trinity Bellwoods from Location unknown

Posted: 02:55 am [GMT] on February 13 2007

Using the park tables for sliding. Not cool guys. Common, we can do better than that. Still give you the "Hight five" for the creativity but you wouldn't want someone using your table for that.


Ryan T Thomas from Toronto

Posted: 04:29 pm [GMT] on February 12 2007

What happened. No photos I can find, no snowblower, no snowball fight. I'm confused!

(There before 2:30pm)

Vijay from Narnia

Posted: 04:16 am [GMT] on February 09 2007

Does anyone know of any other photo albums of the event? I saw a few people with SLRs who seemed to be only there to take photos. I'd really like to see those photos.

Jacques from somwehere outside T.O.

Posted: 07:28 pm [GMT] on February 08 2007

This was a fun event and while no snowball fight was a disappointment, it was still really good to get outside and have a good time.
I had been hoping so badly that someone would hit the tree (without hurting themselves) and it was funny to finally see.
Also, Lucho Libre guy (there's a pic of you in Eye Weekly man) sorta scared me. It was eerie just watching him look around. heh.

adrian from toronto

Posted: 05:26 am [GMT] on February 08 2007

just kidding kevin, no offence!

adrian from toronto

Posted: 05:21 am [GMT] on February 08 2007

Satan: sneeze.sponsorship.sneeze. wooh, all that sneezing!

Jay from Toronto

Posted: 02:25 pm [GMT] on February 06 2007

Showed up at about 4:30, but it was too bummer. I missed out.

david from toronto

Posted: 08:31 pm [GMT] on February 05 2007

This was so much ridiculous fun!!

S.V.Cobalt from Cloud #4850dj30

Posted: 07:15 pm [GMT] on February 05 2007

I've got some video shot from Trinity Bellwoods Park this past Feb 3rd. Check it out at WWW.PROJECT7-16.COM

Zohar from North York

Posted: 04:22 am [GMT] on February 05 2007

i gotta say, that kid crashing into the tree was just about the funniest thing ever.

Kevin Bracken from queen west

Posted: 01:23 am [GMT] on February 05 2007

Hey Satan,

We have it under control: all funds donated toward the purchase of the snowmaker will be recovered this week from SNOWatHOME and the money will be used toward a future project. At that time, we will ask all donors to express a preference for how the money is spent :)

Satan from Location unknown

Posted: 12:59 am [GMT] on February 05 2007

Sooo, what happened to the hundreds of dollars apparently donated for the snowmaker? Are there any accountability mechanisms in place to ensure that donations are appropriately allocated?

Moorlock from below the Eloi

Posted: 08:49 pm [GMT] on February 04 2007

Ah, so these are the descendents of those who landed on the beaches of Normandy. We are doomed.

P.S. You've got chocolate smeared on your face.

Nicholish from milton

Posted: 05:38 pm [GMT] on February 04 2007

did anyone see the kids on the bikes? they were crazee!

Brian from Location unknown

Posted: 04:35 am [GMT] on February 04 2007

Did the snowball fight ever happen? I left around 2:30, as I was disappointed no snow balls were airborne.

Dave from

Posted: 04:23 am [GMT] on February 04 2007

Haha, This was awesome. Did anyone see that kid who hit the tree? He was ok, but it was funny to watch! I'll never look at a picnic table in the same way again! Bring on the 'snowball' snow!

Holly O - that crazy kid in a t-shirt from Toronto!

Posted: 02:45 am [GMT] on February 04 2007

Today was awesome fun! Thanks! I have some wicked bruises from going over the pavement.
You people make me want to dye my hair again...

lisa from toronto

Posted: 10:40 pm [GMT] on February 03 2007

Snow day was fun. A little cold and the guys on the picnic table were crazy

biteyclause from snowballs

Posted: 05:38 pm [GMT] on February 03 2007


elliot from woodbine

Posted: 05:36 pm [GMT] on February 03 2007

HURRAY! It's today! See you there!!!!

Kevin Bracken from queen west

Posted: 04:49 pm [GMT] on February 03 2007

See you there :)

kevin from toronto

Posted: 03:47 pm [GMT] on February 02 2007

chris, the company we are buying the credits from doesn't sell smaller quantities so we are just getting one tonne of offsets

Chris from Weston

Posted: 04:29 am [GMT] on February 02 2007

...and if you bought 10x the amount in credits, is that carbon-neutral? Isn't it carbon-negative? Aren't you overshooting?

Chris from Weston

Posted: 04:24 am [GMT] on February 02 2007

If anything, this calls (further) attention to the fact that the weather's natural snow ain't quite right these days. I was thinking about the emissions while sitting on the gennie and smelling gas, nice to know you're buying offsets.

dasha from toronto

Posted: 01:53 am [GMT] on February 02 2007

you guys are amazing. i will definitely be there. i don't have a sled tho. :(

S.V.Cobalt (aka Giant EYE) from North Tundra

Posted: 12:07 am [GMT] on February 02 2007

Has anyone said if they will be bringing hot chocolate or not??? I've got 15 + 20 Litre jugs with a tap spout on it that I could bring (should be enough for about 200 cups). My problem is that by the time I make and fill it with Hot Chocolate, drive down from Brampton, park, and lug it over - it will then be Frozen Popsicle Milkshake Chocolate. I'll bring it if we can fill it up with fresh Hot Chocolate closer to the park, say at someones house or something. Could someone supply that much powder chocolate and where do you get friendly cups? I'd also need help carrying it over. Lemmie know

Kevin+Lori, check yer email to tag me back

elizaboticjelly from toronto

Posted: 11:10 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

mmm. hot chocolate.

pinLEIGH. from Toronto.

Posted: 09:54 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

Sounds like fun. I'll be there.

adrian from toronto

Posted: 07:47 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

place this code in the <head> part of this page: <ignore> jay </ignore> :)

grant from rosedale

Posted: 07:15 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

to jay: this is a whimsical, humourous, brilliant idea. if you are not in to whimsy and fun and ridiculous use of money, you are welcome not to come! sure it's a silly use of money, but they aren't CHARGING. it's donations only! as silly uses go, this one benefits possibly hundreds of people, if only in terms of making their lives more fun. get over it! and i hope you come and get to play early. or you could wait as a protest until there's normal snow, but i, for one, am getting impatient.

grant from rosedale

Posted: 07:13 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

i am trying inviting everyone i know. the more people the better!

Squid from the junction

Posted: 04:29 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

My fort will be SUPERIOR!

j from Toronto

Posted: 03:10 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

You people just need to chill out and have a good time. Try fighting the city about all the salt being put on the streets. Not these guys for setting up a cool event. Whats next, saying that the exhailed air from all the people playing will cause global warming. Relax and try fighting a real cause.

grant from rosedale

Posted: 02:41 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

oh no! i will be at my cottage! i MUST convince my parents to let me stay behind. I NEED TO COME TO THIS EVENT.

Ryan from Toronto

Posted: 02:24 pm [GMT] on February 01 2007

I'm in. Glad you found the funds so quickly.

Dan Goulet from Toronto

Posted: 07:24 pm [GMT] on January 31 2007

Can't wait dudes!


Kevin Bracken from toronto

Posted: 12:46 am [GMT] on January 31 2007

Hey, teams are a great idea! We will bring some coloured tape to mark the teams.

However, the gully is almost entirely ice, and sledding will be dangerous enough. There are hills that range in difficulty from safe-ish to insane.

We probably shouldn't push our luck with a game of CTF!

adrian from toronto

Posted: 12:39 am [GMT] on January 31 2007

Heck, if you're suggesting we have teams, why don't we take it one step further and play a game of capture the flag in the snow!

elliot from st. george

Posted: 06:48 pm [GMT] on January 30 2007

Should the snowball fight have teams or be every man/woman for him/herself?
I think teams. you?

Taylor from Alliston

Posted: 05:27 pm [GMT] on January 30 2007

I think it's awsome how you guys plan these events. I saw a section of your work on MTV this morning and I just think it's awsome about how no one trys to stop you guys from doing all this (not that theres a reason that they should). But anyways, hopefulley I can make it to one of your events cause I think it would be awsome! And as for all these people who say that kids have been doing stuff like this forever, screw them, you guys are doing something that alot of people can take part in and have a good time, and it's not only children. Good luck guys and keep it up!

Ian from Etobicoke

Posted: 11:39 pm [GMT] on January 29 2007

I simply cant wait, I should probably find a sled though :)

nicki from tdot

Posted: 05:40 pm [GMT] on January 28 2007

hey my birthdays two days after that's pretty awesome :}

quinn from the gorey

Posted: 05:13 pm [GMT] on January 28 2007

The way I see it, this event promotes fun without sacrificing or neglecting the idea of responsible power consumption. by using bullfrog as an offset, we demonstrate that we support their business model rather than just buying power from Ontario Power's grid. And now I know what bullfrog is, which means if I were to run an event and wanted to make it carbon-neutral, I would know what I could do to do it. And supporting alternative businesses like bullfrog and other local initiatives that have the values we want to support is...well, one of the ways in which cool things happen. We could all try to live like ascetics too, but even Shakymuni gave that up after a while.

Here's hoping the snow machines can stay at home! ;)

jay from Location unknown

Posted: 11:21 pm [GMT] on January 27 2007

thanks for the invite. but i actually prefer smaller, spontaneous snowball fights.

this is actually a pretty good argument against renewable energy credits because they're allowing people to not feel guilty about being overly wasteful. Buying the credits to do something that regularly requires no electrical or material inputs at all is kind of missing the point.

adrian from toronto

Posted: 12:33 am [GMT] on January 27 2007

Kevin, push this thing to this weekend, cause its snowing a lot right now!!

Kevin Bracken from queen west

Posted: 11:04 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

Zing! Actually the Hummer gets 7 - 9 mpg of petrol whereas our event will be powered by wind and low-impact hydroelectricity and may even have a negative carbon footprint. I fail to see the connection!

Seriously, think about the amount of snow a crowd will need in the size we are hoping will attend. Nothing short of a blizzard of "packing" snow will be suitable, so these sporadic "powder" dustings are clearly insufficient!

I hope you come on Saturday and have a good time :)

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 10:31 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

Well, first off, I've only been in this city for 3 winters and i know i've had at least 3 good-sized snowball fights in that time. All of which were in the downtown core.

And if you don't see a problem with spending money and wasting resources on such a thing, well, then I guess there isn't a problem on your end.

But if snowball fights were cars, this would be a Hummer.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go play in the (real) snow.

Jacques from Parkdale

Posted: 10:16 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

Just checking, there will be sledding too, right?

Kevin Bracken from queen west

Posted: 09:38 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

jay, we have been waiting two years for the ideal snowball fight conditions downtown. people who live elsewhere have expressed their puzzlement, but south of steeles we haven't had "snowball" snow since 2004.

imagine 400 people converged on a park expecting a snowball fight right now. it's snowing, right? not exactly: with conditions like this, that would be 400 very disappointed people!

adrian from toronto

Posted: 09:33 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

Jay, what else are you supposed to to with money and resources? You SPEND money and you USE resources. What's the problem, especially when everyone is pitching in, and the resources are just electricity and water. Think of it as everyone buying a ticket to this event.

jay from Location unknown

Posted: 09:03 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

so all this expenditure and use of resources is for the convenience of being able to build a fort RIGHT NOW instead of waiting for a snowfall like everyone else.

don't you find that extravagant and wasteful?

elliot from st. george

Posted: 09:00 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

but we can't really do it for free if there is so little snow on the ground. You need a lot of snow to build a sweet fort.

jay from same

Posted: 08:47 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

not at all. playing in the snow is wonderful and lets everyone involved feel like a kid again. i just never conceived that people would feel the need to expend so much money and resources to do something that everyone can enjoy for free.

elliot from st. george

Posted: 08:31 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

Jay, you have a very bleak outlook on life.

jay from toronto

Posted: 07:42 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

so let me get this straight. you're spending over 500 bucks (plus all that wasted energy and water) to do something that children have been doing for free for as long as anyone can remember?

how is this not a horrible example of people using their privileged lives for the most pointless convenience?

elliot from woodbine

Posted: 07:42 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

Don't hate the sinner.

marcus from roncie

Posted: 06:05 pm [GMT] on January 26 2007

man, everyone's sledding now... i saw about a dozen COPS in uniform going down the hill in riverdale park the other night... hahaha toronto rules.

Jacques from Library

Posted: 12:18 am [GMT] on January 25 2007

$10 from me whenever I see you guys next. (InterWeb stuff confuses me)

Kevin Bracken from Queen West

Posted: 06:06 pm [GMT] on January 24 2007

We did order the kit :) The cost includes DHL shipping to Canada. I called the company today and sorted some things out, it looks like we're on our way! Thanks so much everybody who has donated so far!

Teresa from Toronto

Posted: 02:08 pm [GMT] on January 24 2007

Why don't you get the kit? It's $100 cheaper and I'm sure you could find someone at UofT with the the knowhow to put it together.

Danielle from Location unknown

Posted: 07:37 am [GMT] on January 24 2007's been snowing every day...

Xphox from Toronto

Posted: 07:02 am [GMT] on January 24 2007

Can't wait... just sent in my donation! :D

emma from school

Posted: 02:02 am [GMT] on January 24 2007

I don't have a credit card. What do I do?

Leo from Toronto

Posted: 08:44 pm [GMT] on January 23 2007

It looks like that snow maker website is American, guys you should be careful that you don't get hit with duties by the Canadian customs!

elliot from woodbine

Posted: 09:12 pm [GMT] on January 22 2007

HEY! That one had ice in it! YOU ARE SO DEAD.

Mike from North York

Posted: 07:05 am [GMT] on January 22 2007

Definatly Christie Pits or High Park.

They both have great playgrounds...

RobAllen from Scarborough

Posted: 09:47 pm [GMT] on January 21 2007

so, maybe it's wishful thinking, but there's a great place in the east end called Adam's park that'd be ridiculously awesome for snow ball fights AND sledding! but it's kinda outta the way.. i guess you could map point it from rouge hill gostation though? :P

Benedict from Toronto

Posted: 09:21 pm [GMT] on January 21 2007

I totally agree with Riverdale and Christie Pits, both those places are SUPER easy to get to via TTC and have lots of space with sweet hills!

Randy from West Hill

Posted: 05:11 pm [GMT] on January 21 2007

Hey is that feb 3 date (on front page) fixed now?

ksnigs from downtown

Posted: 10:52 pm [GMT] on January 20 2007

hey dudes,
ryerson's sledding for their winter week of welcome is at the riverdale zoo/park in cabbage town!! that's a nice, somewhat central location, and unlike queens park, we could toboggan too!

John from Toronto

Posted: 01:37 pm [GMT] on January 19 2007

Queens Park. it's downtown, a large space with lots of trees.

yo girlie from Toronto

Posted: 08:45 am [GMT] on January 19 2007

Meant the

yo girlie from Toronto

Posted: 08:42 am [GMT] on January 19 2007

Fuck NO!!!!!! to Richmond Hill.......Christie Pits......all he way

Mack from Newmarket.

Posted: 06:50 pm [GMT] on January 17 2007

Well i dont know how much snow is in toronto right now, but we have quite a bit in the north. If you wanted to do something in richmond hill or something, its only like a 15 minute bus ride from finch

Priince Rupert from Toronto

Posted: 08:17 am [GMT] on January 17 2007

Christie Pits is a nice spot, hills included all corners.


Jam from Queen E.

Posted: 04:39 am [GMT] on January 16 2007

I want to skip work to make snow angels.... somebody pray for snow

Kevin Bracken from toronto

Posted: 10:36 am [GMT] on January 15 2007

We have been told by those in the know that this snow will be awful for snowballs, and with its Monday placement in the week, won't work so well for most people on short notice.

Also, Roger, Queen's Park does not afford us the opportunity to go sledding!

wordfreak from Queen's Park

Posted: 09:58 am [GMT] on January 15 2007

Lots of trees to hide behind. Nice, central location. Close to subway.


Adrian from Toronto

Posted: 05:19 pm [GMT] on January 14 2007

SNOW OMG :O when and where is the snowball fight gonna be?

nisha from toronto

Posted: 05:04 pm [GMT] on January 14 2007


Minion from Toronto

Posted: 04:54 pm [GMT] on January 14 2007


PS- sorry about the pennies Kevin ._.;

collin from kensington

Posted: 04:50 pm [GMT] on January 14 2007

still snowing!!!

alvin from toronto

Posted: 01:27 pm [GMT] on January 14 2007

forget "is supposed to"

it IS snowing =D

Andrew from Downtown Toronto

Posted: 08:30 am [GMT] on January 14 2007

Oh, and I forgot to say, it is suppose to snow on Sunday night(Jan 15 morning)

Andrew from Downtown Toronto

Posted: 08:26 am [GMT] on January 14 2007

Well, according to TWN, it is about 5-10 cm of snow, not exactly a snow storm. Lets wait till it is at least 20-25 cm, if that is even possible due to Global Warming!

Dave from Toronto

Posted: 03:25 am [GMT] on January 12 2007

Possibly snow predicted for next week!
w w w .weather. ca/weather/14day/pages/CAON0696.h t m

Jen from Toronto

Posted: 12:50 am [GMT] on January 11 2007

Trinity Bellwoods Park?
or maybe Centenial?
Just suggestions :)

angie from toronto

Posted: 05:13 am [GMT] on January 09 2007


elliot from toronto

Posted: 10:54 pm [GMT] on January 07 2007

its never ever going to snow :(

Sasha from Weston

Posted: 01:22 am [GMT] on January 06 2007

Stupid global warming wrecking all our fun!

Unessential from Location unknown

Posted: 10:26 pm [GMT] on January 05 2007

Are you choosing from the most suggested in the comments to put on the poll? if so then i'll put my word in for Riverdale Park. I used to live in the area a few years back and it'd be cool to have something like this there.

Anonymous from toronto

Posted: 08:46 pm [GMT] on January 03 2007

Dufferin Grove park would be good...right in between dufferin station and college street...has a few hills.

kevin from toronto

Posted: 11:26 pm [GMT] on January 02 2007

queen's park would not afford any sledding, unfortunately. we'll put up a poll soon!

ari from . . . .. . .. . .. . .. .. .. ... .. ...

Posted: 12:06 pm [GMT] on December 30 2006

if you get cheap crazy carpets you can rub wax on the bottom and spray on various kinds of lube.. hey.. hmmm

ari from just over there.. no... there.. yeah

Posted: 12:03 pm [GMT] on December 30 2006

cedervale park is really good for tobogganing

but trinity has steep hills and is so central turn out would be excellent

Alvin from Toronto

Posted: 04:32 pm [GMT] on December 27 2006

YAY! It snowed today =)

A little more, and I can finally have my snow picnic Ive been planning for months =/

kasid from markham

Posted: 02:30 pm [GMT] on December 27 2006

wow thats awsome that you're having this huge snow bash.....i was planning a snowball war when it snows and it feels like im ripping off an idea but its doing it semi paintball style capture the flag at milliken mills park.....

edwina from toronto

Posted: 09:18 pm [GMT] on December 24 2006

yah snow storm on x-mas night!

Sayema from Toronto and Markham

Posted: 03:56 am [GMT] on December 23 2006

I think Riverdale Park would be nice.

madato from East York

Posted: 06:01 am [GMT] on December 22 2006

That huge hill and field by broadview just south of danforth.

elliot from beaches

Posted: 12:36 am [GMT] on December 22 2006

im gonna build the biggest superest snowfort EVER! hahahaa hurray!

alvin from toronto

Posted: 10:59 pm [GMT] on December 21 2006

good point. having it downtown gives me an excuse to go shopping anyways... if only it'd start snowing.

at this rate, we're NEVER going to get snow.

Oliver from New York

Posted: 10:29 pm [GMT] on December 21 2006

Central Park.


Chester Pape from

Posted: 02:54 pm [GMT] on December 21 2006

Plus once you get that far North and away from civilization polar bear attacks become a real concern.

kevin from toronto

Posted: 06:33 pm [GMT] on December 20 2006

let's be honest; when it's that far away from downtown, nobody will come ;)

alvin from toronto

Posted: 01:14 pm [GMT] on December 20 2006

sure, its technically markham, but lets be honest: when you're 5 minutes walking away from the border, its really just toronto.

niunia_88 from north york

Posted: 02:59 am [GMT] on December 20 2006

earl bales park!?

kevin from toronto

Posted: 02:14 am [GMT] on December 18 2006

markham? lol.

alvin from toronto

Posted: 08:36 pm [GMT] on December 17 2006

ill second milliken park, huuuge hill there, but someones bound to get hurt falling off that thing. its somewhat steep, as far as i remember.

that, and its a 10 minute walk for me.

lisa from toronto

Posted: 05:17 am [GMT] on December 17 2006

Miliken Park is a good idea, tc. Loved tobogganing there when I was a kid. Plus, it's usually pretty empty.

tc from markham

Posted: 04:44 am [GMT] on December 17 2006

carlton park. big. empty. but milliken park in markham has killer hills =)

Dani from BRC North

Posted: 06:49 pm [GMT] on December 16 2006

hmm.. how to (supernaturally) make snow when it ain't snowing?? -- hmm.. mass quantity of snow cones, ice/'snow' from behind ice rinks/arenas.. thinking thinking..

kay from toronto

Posted: 04:43 pm [GMT] on December 16 2006

you could bring trays for sledding...

T from Toronto

Posted: 05:35 am [GMT] on December 16 2006

You guys should do this at Trinity Bellwoods. Convenient location!

Maya from Toronto

Posted: 03:38 pm [GMT] on December 14 2006

shit son this is going to be mad intense. We need hot chocolate for this too.

marcus from roncie

Posted: 02:53 pm [GMT] on December 14 2006

i second riverdale park... if there's serious snow it's totally the best place downtown for tobogganing. and LOTS of room to run around.

kevin from toronto

Posted: 08:43 pm [GMT] on December 13 2006

yeah, we were going to do this last year but it never snowed! the one time it did, it was too powdery for snowballs :( anybody have a ski resort snow maker?

adrian from toronto

Posted: 07:36 pm [GMT] on December 13 2006

according to the weather network, this winter will be warmer than normal, due to the effects of El Nino, which means it may be a while before it snows :(

nippleholic from queen + river

Posted: 06:22 am [GMT] on December 13 2006

Riverdale Park has some of the highest hills downtown...better than Christie Pits or Trinity it's more open than those parks...

Tiny Tim from The Muppets Christmas Carol

Posted: 09:30 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

let it snow
let it snow
let it snow

alvin from toronto

Posted: 09:26 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

shellz. it depends on the time. they have a loosely enforced rule about no large items during peak hours, to the best of my knowledge.

i remember they used bikes as examples, but id imagine a toboggan would could as large too.

Kevin from toronto

Posted: 07:46 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

you can certainly take sleds on the subway :) for those who want to sled longer than a piece of cardboard will last, canadian tire sells "ghost boards" for $3 !

harrison from toronto

Posted: 03:35 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

There is Cedarvale park in Toronto. It is very large. Half of it is VERY steep and the other half is just a park area where you can sit down, although the whole park is pretty hilly.

pointysticks from toronto

Posted: 02:43 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

Riverdale Park is supposed to be great for sledding, but that's probably too inconvenient for all you west-enders. How are the hills at Trinity Bellwoods, that's fairly central...

shellz from vaughan

Posted: 01:43 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

will the subway let you carry on sleds/tobogans?

The Rothko Institute from Chestnut

Posted: 05:33 am [GMT] on December 12 2006

Uh oh, this is going to be wild like no other wild.

u_kid from Toronto

Posted: 05:31 am [GMT] on December 12 2006

sweetness... looking forward to this. =)

Soenke from Toronto

Posted: 05:16 am [GMT] on December 12 2006

wohooo, cant wait, please let me know the exact day soon. also we need to host another CTF



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