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Ahoy! Mysterious mermaids and plundering pirates alike, join us as we weigh anchor and set sail upon the seven streets. Plunder Parkdale, hornswoggle High Park and swashbuckle in Seaton Village. Shake yer booty with buccaneers and scallywags from the briney deep. Grab yer grog 'n get ready to caper with the best! Yarrr! Come in costume, or ye be walkin' the plank!

Your ticket entitles you to reduced admission to "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Jäger" presented by Nocturnal Commissions :)

Pirates of the Streetcar Party
A fundraiser for Newmindspace
Friday, August 4th 2006
Bathurst & Wolseley @ 7:30p

$15 advance sales only.
Tickets available at Numb, 250 Queen W + 2thebeat, 161 Spadina. All responsible ages.

for more info, e-mail love @