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Photo by Metrix

Reclaim the stars!
Due to light pollution, some of our night lights have disappeared! To bring back the sky's twinkle, we have decided to make some stars of our own. Join us for an evening of starcraft, constellation installation, hot cocoa and interactive towers of light. Please bring glowy things and a camera!

Time and Date
Night Lights will take place this Friday, November 10th, starting at 7:07pm and concluding at midnight. This event will be postponed in case of rain, fog or mud.

University of Toronto (map) on and around Front Campus. which is 15 King's College Circle.

To get there, take the College streetcar to McCaul and walk north one block OR take the Spadina streetcar to Willcocks and walk two blocks east, then through a walkway.

The Installations
1. Stars Hundreds of LED's will be suspended from helium balloons to create an artificial starscape, creating our own constellations and a twinkling Milky Way that should be visible for miles.

2. String of Diamonds Long strings of LED's will be suspended from weather balloons. As the wind and participants move the cords, the strings will appear to glitter.

3. Faeries Much like the shoes hanging from our telephone wires, pairs of LED's will be strung together and hung from trees like couples of faeries.

4. (fly)light by Pearl Chen An animatrix sphere of 500 green LED's. website

5. The Rothko Institute will light you up with 1,000 glowing bracelets!

Artist Call + Participation
Are you an installation artist? Would you like to craft something beautiful involving light? Please e-mail us with your ideas and we can collaborate! Also, please bring glowsticks, LED's, laser pointers, art bikes or anything that glows.

Coffee will be provided by namelings, a brand new, student-run coffee/arts mash-up located at 147 Church St., just north of Queen.

About the Artists
Kevin Bracken always wanted to be an astronaut when he was little, but Lori Kufner maintains that he's just a space cadet. The starry-eyed pair founded Newmindspace in 2005 to reach cosmic goals and have since pulled off some pretty out-of-this-world stuff.