june 2 2005 // june 9 2005 // new york city

One night in Toronto, we caught wind of a Manhunt game on Queen Street. Ever since we emerged, out of breath and hearts pounding, from an underground parking garage to elude a pair of armband-clad strangers, we were bent on doing a similar thing in New York.

The First Game (West Village)

I wanted the game to be in an area with cobblestones for that gritty New York feeling, so we had it in the West Village. It turned out to be a great locale, scenic with the water and the discontinued elevated rail. The game was a lot of fun, so we decided to do it again. For pictures and the original info page,


The Second Game (DUMBO)

We had the DUMBO location in mind from the very start, but decided to wait until the idea gained steam to try it out. DUMBO has a lovely view of Manhattan, the river and two bridges, along with having cobblestones of its own and the buried trolley tracks. The turnout was even larger this time, at about 30 people! That's what I call a proper flashmob. Afterward we went to 1 More Time for the 9, an outrageously fun subway party in honor of the (9) train's retirement. The coverage was great, too! We were featured in The Gothamist, All Things Christie, Heart on a Stick, and Eric McGregor's blog (great photos!) Here is the original ad and pics:


The Third Game


In a city, everything you do is either work or play.

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