bubble battle nyc saturday june 21st 2008

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Millions of bubbles fly through the air as we converge in Times Sqauare for a magical bubble battle! Loosely based on the Dr. Seuss Classic The Butter Battle Book. Bring bubble toys, bubble generators, bubble solution, and plenty of AA batteries :) We will meet on the traffic island at W 43rd & Broadway, fill our weapons and pull the trigger!

Chiptunes Afterparty! Bonus Level+++: chiptune dance party geekgasm
Sat June 21st, 9pm-dawn

An epic pixel-thumping, square-wave crunching, blip your face off wonderbash.

High-volume, low-bit hometown favorites Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Glomag, and Nullsleep wield their Gameboys and crank the BPM as we prepare to battle dawn with 8-bit jams, fancy footwork, and cheap power ups, with The Rev spinning us victorious to sunrise.

When you're not shaking your ass, beta test the world's largest 4-sided Lite-Brite before it heads to the Playa, step into your own ROMscape in our green screen room and watch the chroma magic happen on our enormous TV wall. With 8-bit inspirations by Posterchild, pixels and Pixelators by Jason Eppink, and multi-projector lumen-awesomeness by dr. light.

On June 21st, navigate the Mermaid Parade, find glory at the Bubble Battle, earn your Bonus Level.

Location TBA 24h prior
bonuslevel (at) jasoneppink.com
9p; $10 RSVP or in costume (think: NES punk, Gameboy glam, glitch pixel crunch)
18+; $15 at the door