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On Easter 2006, we had a massive, urban easter egg hunt in the Kensington Market in the search for 5,000 eggs with messages inside. Thanks once again to the dedicated 4 AM crew for helping us! :)


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We Need Donations - To buy more eggs. grab some buttons!
We Need Plastic Eggs - From dollar stores or eBay
We Need Cute messages - To hide inside the eggs. e-mail them.
We Need Volunteers - To write messages and lay eggs

Here are the results from last year's hunt:

march 27 2005 // toronto, ontario

never having spent an easter away from home in my life, i thought it might be nice to celebrate somehow. we also saw it as a good opportunity to unite the city with children's games! so we set out to acquire a great sum of easter eggs and hide them on Yonge Street from Bloor to Queen (map) and set the city loose for a hunt.

the final count was over 2,000 easter eggs!

These photos are from last Easter. For this year's hunt, scroll up :)

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juliet from long island

Posted: 06:54 am [GMT] on February 12 2006

hey, did u guys think about lookin on ebay? i bet u can can get a whole lot of easter eggs for a lot cheaper than u'd pay retail..

Brock from Toronto (OCAD)

Posted: 04:13 pm [GMT] on February 11 2006


lori* from toronto

Posted: 07:59 am [GMT] on February 09 2006

dbotta: so much awesome if you were coming up from ny (see you at the pillow fight either way!)

dbotta from brooklyn

Posted: 06:38 am [GMT] on February 09 2006

i'm in

Air`leth from Toronto

Posted: 07:31 pm [GMT] on January 28 2006

Oooh. Count me in.

kevin from toronto

Posted: 07:17 am [GMT] on December 31 2005

that would be so great! thanks :D the best ever would be if we could find the name of the wholesaler, we have been looking for months! they just have the best eggs...

B-Hoe from Toronto

Posted: 07:14 pm [GMT] on December 29 2005

I've got a bud who's currently employed at It's My Party on the Danforth. I'll see if I can finagle some eggs at employee discount prices.

Although, they'll probably still be overpriced...

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