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Posted: 07:44

Easter, Christmas is the best holiday - Or choose your own favorite and create another persuasive speech topic

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Sportspeople are, are not our Rolemodels

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People are less moral than 30 years ago

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I've just been letting everything wash over me. I've pretty much been doing nothing. I've just been sitting around not getting anything done.

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Restrict every household to 60 gallon can on trash a week

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Poor Air Quality Threatens Our Health

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Parents have no right in spanking you - Or do they? That could be another persuasive speech topic

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Super natural activity exists, doesn't exist

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Super natural activity exists, doesn't exist

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Life begins at conception, begins at birth - Or come up with another stage and develop a different persuasive speech topic

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Vegetarianism is bad, is not bad for your health

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Life begins at conception, at birth

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Teachers must be paid based on performance

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I haven't been up to much , but I guess it doesn't bother me. Pfft. I just don't have much to say lately, but maybe tomorrow. Basically nothing seems worth doing.

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Prejudice will always be a part of society

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I grandi vecchi delle dittature mondiali si spengono. Fidel è grave e ieri è morto Pinochet, ironia della sorte nella

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People are too strict on other people

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Posted: 04:03

There are too many, not enough handicapped parking spaces in our city

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Posted: 04:03

Women are not, are fairly portrayed in the media

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Posted: 07:44

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People should be allowed to go naked in certain recreational areas only - Or specify those areas and you have another persuasive speech topic

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I've pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning. I haven't gotten anything done today. I haven't been up to much , but oh well. I've just been staying at home waiting for something to happen, but so it goes. Pfft.

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I've pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning. I haven't gotten anything done today. I haven't been up to much , but oh well. I've just been staying at home waiting for something to happen, but so it goes. Pfft.

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Posted: 04:03

I haven't been up to anything lately. I've just been letting everything wash over me recently. My life's been generally boring lately.

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Posted: 04:03

Help the homeless down the street and persuade them to look for work

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Posted: 07:44

Uno spazio per dire la vostra sull'operato del governo e dell'opposizione.

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Posted: 07:44

Teachers must be paid based on performance

Julia from vancouver

Posted: 05:10 am [GMT] on September 20 2007

Come to Vancouver! I beg you! =)

Mbali Brijesh from

Posted: 08:00 am [GMT] on July 05 2007

What in the world happened to yo. Mbali Brijesh.

Nikodemos from Liberia, New York

Posted: 10:24 pm [GMT] on April 24 2007

Hammm. Nice article. Interesting.

Anninos from Virgin Islands (Brit), Fresno

Posted: 12:57 am [GMT] on May 23 2007

I would love to hear more about this .

vicki from Location unknown

Posted: 01:35 pm [GMT] on May 09 2007

this was useless i want jewellery :D

MP from Montreal

Posted: 10:05 pm [GMT] on May 02 2007


mastdies from Location unknown

Posted: 02:46 pm [GMT] on May 02 2007


Bill from France, London

Posted: 10:04 am [GMT] on April 27 2007


Jason Tenter from Toronto

Posted: 12:13 am [GMT] on April 27 2007

Hook me up, yo

janet from toronto

Posted: 02:14 am [GMT] on April 24 2007

you picked a great day to have a pillow fight - my birthday!

Mushroom from adelaide, australia

Posted: 12:26 pm [GMT] on April 17 2007

yo, im from down unda (Adelaide!!!) and im gonna talk to our council and get them to oraganise a pillow fight!!! i luv u guys!!!

ian from etobicoke

Posted: 09:30 pm [GMT] on April 16 2007

i am shaking with anticipation for the pillow fight!

Dennin from Montreal, Quebec

Posted: 04:55 pm [GMT] on April 11 2007


Lia Love from Toronto

Posted: 01:53 pm [GMT] on April 11 2007

Had fun stuffing. Keep up the spirit and the events! God Bless.

Minion from Toronto

Posted: 06:11 pm [GMT] on April 08 2007

So where was everyone today? I got there at 11 and I found about 25 eggs with my sister :) I'm going to put the quotes on my wall xP

KrystynE from Rochester NY

Posted: 11:34 pm [GMT] on April 06 2007

Your fun ideas woke me out of a funk. I will make the effort to join in on the festivities sometime this year. Have a fun and exciting easter!

Winnie from Florida

Posted: 08:42 pm [GMT] on April 04 2007

God always wins
No losing with God
Jesus is the reason for the season
Long ago across the sea Jesusu gave he life for me
Life in the son
My father has all
Christians aren't perfect just forgiven

nora from brooklyn

Posted: 04:08 pm [GMT] on March 29 2007

oooh oooh! you guys need to organize a huge game of manhunt or Red Rover! lol that would seriously be awesome~ =)

chanson from colorado mountaintop

Posted: 07:12 pm [GMT] on March 28 2007

we have over 80 acres on a grest mountaintop...wanna throw a lonng weekend Pajama Land Jam? could be fun!

Keeper from Brampton Ont.

Posted: 07:33 pm [GMT] on March 27 2007

I think some great messages would be ...

You are beautiful.
Have a nice day.
You are loved.
To me; you're the world.
You're my hero.
You're amazing!
You're superb.
Have an egg-cellent day!
Have egg-normous fun!
You are lovely.
You're a shining star.
I love you.
Live life to it's fullest.
Never regret anything.
Live like everday is your last.

pedram from down the rabbits hole

Posted: 01:59 am [GMT] on March 19 2007

easter. easter. easter.

Priscila Lima from Brazil / Rio de Janeiro

Posted: 07:15 pm [GMT] on March 14 2007


Trent from Deep South

Posted: 03:59 pm [GMT] on March 14 2007

I heard about your group on NPR and it was very informative..Keep up the great work!!

joe from ny-booooy

Posted: 10:03 pm [GMT] on February 26 2007

What a wonderfully frivolous website, did you here 23 killed in Iraq today?
Yeah... bummer. I'm a fascist and loving it!!! Be true to *yourself*

A2M from unknown

Posted: 07:15 pm [GMT] on February 26 2007

What an exhausting event.

amanda from brooklyn,ny

Posted: 08:14 pm [GMT] on February 22 2007

i these are some great ideas to do to get people more together...and its fun...great jobs

John from Location unknown

Posted: 07:32 pm [GMT] on February 20 2007

Very nice site!

sheldon from toronto

Posted: 11:53 pm [GMT] on February 14 2007

Hahaha I love what you guys DO!

Mike from Thornhill- Ontario

Posted: 08:30 pm [GMT] on February 13 2007

hey guys i'm interested in the montreal trip, give me an e-mail at mikestuls@yahoo. that would be great thanks for everything!

SHARE-THE-WEALTH from Location unknown

Posted: 07:19 pm [GMT] on February 10 2007

check this out guys its a new outlook on life WE control our own destinys, crazy isn't it ? haha. well check out WWW.THESECRET.TV or punch it on on youtube "THE SECRET" and watch the movie... great stuff

Keely Heck from Location unknown

Posted: 02:44 am [GMT] on February 09 2007

Hey you guys do some pretty sweet stuff....I was just wondering i am from a little town in southern Alberta and i am in a youth group trying to get the community involved. We recently held our first event called Expo-Alidoucious...which consisted of music and art of local vendors and booths. We are looking for our next event...Any me at You guys rock keep on doin what your doing...Keely

tymmeh from tofino B.C.

Posted: 05:42 pm [GMT] on January 31 2007

hug day? i'm in. the cure is very good. very. good.

Nicci from Edmonton

Posted: 07:48 am [GMT] on January 31 2007

Wow this is super great.
it is so nice to see something new and original like this.
you guys have started something great here.
and i really hope that something gets started out here in sherwood park and edmonton. that would be unbelieveable.

trisha from sherwood park

Posted: 06:52 am [GMT] on January 31 2007

ok this is awesome
spread the randomness people!!
who ever else it is that wants to set this up in sherwood park we totally should do it!

Lee from Edmonton

Posted: 05:46 am [GMT] on January 31 2007

hey Bobby
i got a bunch of people from sherwood park who are interested

rakka from Edmonton

Posted: 06:51 pm [GMT] on January 30 2007

Bobby, I agree!!!

Bobby Hines from Edmonton

Posted: 05:19 pm [GMT] on January 30 2007


shantalle from oshawa

Posted: 04:32 pm [GMT] on January 30 2007

omg u guys are the best eva!! i know oshawa isn't a huge citry but it is so damn boring!!! its close tot toronto u guys should soo plan something for us omg if u like ver need help like with the cite or smthing just let me know ( ) thanks so much !!! xxo

Nathanael from Cornwall ontario canada

Posted: 04:00 pm [GMT] on January 30 2007


Leah from Toronto

Posted: 05:01 am [GMT] on January 30 2007

this is so cool!
too bad i'm 16 =(
and would never be allowed to any of these =P

Dave from

Posted: 06:27 pm [GMT] on January 27 2007

Just a reminder, that it is HUG DAY in Toronto at 3pm (today!) at Nathan Phillips Square.

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 06:27 pm [GMT] on January 27 2007

Just a reminder, that it is HUG DAY in Toronto at 3pm (today!) at Nathan Phillips Square.

tina from saipan

Posted: 02:24 am [GMT] on January 24 2007

island ways the #1 thing to do now a days being by the beach!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric from Toronto

Posted: 03:58 pm [GMT] on January 19 2007

I have the sudden urge to gamble...

Jessica Jobaris from Seattle, WA

Posted: 11:23 pm [GMT] on January 17 2007

When are you coming to the NW?
I wanna disseminate some urban bliss for/with you guys.

craps from Location unknown

Posted: 11:08

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Bazile Chyley from Unknown

Posted: 08:54 pm [GMT] on January 17 2007

Thank you for your site!

kevin from queen west

Posted: 05:55 pm [GMT] on December 29 2006

check out my torontoist post for what i consider the best things to do for new year's :)

lori* from toronto

Posted: 05:52 pm [GMT] on December 29 2006

We will definitely NOT be planning a New Years event-- we're already going to one. <3

angie from toronto

Posted: 05:52 am [GMT] on December 29 2006


lori* from nyc bitches!

Posted: 03:21 am [GMT] on December 24 2006

holy comment spam batman!

braudi from montreal

Posted: 08:23 am [GMT] on December 23 2006

r u guys ever going to do a montreal subway party? thatlll be freeeaaking awesome...

i mean you guys have done a van city one :P

subway+montreal = crazy :)

alvin from toronto

Posted: 03:34 am [GMT] on December 12 2006

snow day? no idea what that is, but im so coming =)

hopefully something involving snowballs

only dental insurance from Location unknown

Posted: 06:08

I can't be bothered with anything recently. I've just been sitting around doing nothing. Today was a loss. I just don't have much to say. Nothing seems worth thinking about.
More or less nothing seems important. I've just been letting everything happen without me recently. I can't be bothered with anything recently, but such is life. My life's been generally bland today. Not much on my mind these days, but eh.
I've just been letting everything pass me by. Shrug. Basically not much notable going on lately.

Victor. from Boston

Posted: 07:08 pm [GMT] on December 11 2006

Anyone here interested in doing something in Boston if you are get in touch with me at, the more people the better. Let get the party started.

Ian from Toronto! (etobicoke)

Posted: 12:44 pm [GMT] on December 11 2006

I cant wait for snow day!

jordan from guelph,ontaro

Posted: 02:30 am [GMT] on December 09 2006

you should so do that stuff in guelph its only 45 minutes away from toronto

Katherine from Detroit, Michigan

Posted: 01:08 am [GMT] on December 09 2006

Looks like fun. :) We have some suburbs that are not downtown aka safer, that would be fun to play or do something fun like this.

ParoXoN from Etown

Posted: 08:02 am [GMT] on December 08 2006

Shweet :D You guys are truly amazing.

Ellis from San Francisco

Posted: 12:52 am [GMT] on December 08 2006

I am planning a BART (san francsico bay area metro/rapid transit type thing) new years eve party, seems like its along the lines of what you guys do, so I thought you might want to help/publicize. email:

Joemreyese from Chicago IL

Posted: 11:53 pm [GMT] on December 07 2006

You all seem so fun. Awesome.

lori* from homewkorkland

Posted: 09:46 pm [GMT] on December 05 2006

the nyc subway buttons were waiting for me when I got home!! just leaning against our door! they're soooOOOooo cute!! *squeals some more*

GeorgiaBunnety from London

Posted: 07:58 pm [GMT] on December 04 2006

Please , do you give out info about London??? x x x Please contact me and let me know at

M.Christian from San Francisco

Posted: 06:05 pm [GMT] on November 28 2006

Anyone want to organize some like events in San Francisco? Write me at zobop(at)

Brian Gilham from Bowmanville/Toronto

Posted: 08:07 am [GMT] on November 27 2006

I had the pleasure of meeting you guys this past summer during one of the UER meets (Lakeview ring any bells?). Anyway, I had forgotten all about this site until I ran across Kevin's bio on Torontoist. Imagine how happy I was to re-discover this gem!

Keep up the good work guys.

lori* from homeworkland

Posted: 07:38 am [GMT] on November 23 2006

actually, the nyc buttons are NOT yet available -- silly kevin.

lori* from home

Posted: 04:46 am [GMT] on November 21 2006

the guidelines for the comments are to prevent spam. just use common sense and don't post direct links- 99% of the comments on our website with links on them are spam :

unacceptable from montreal

Posted: 10:30 pm [GMT] on November 20 2006

Yo, what is this unacceptable policy.

You should at least give your guidelines, if you want people to follow them!

Anonymous from Medellin, Colombia

Posted: 05:53 pm [GMT] on November 20 2006

Primera Guerra de Almohadas en Medellín
Sábado 2 de Diciembre del 2006
2 PM en el Parque de los Pies Descalzos {Carrera 57 No. 42-139 Medellín, Colombia}

1. Invitar a todos sus familiares y amigos, además de pasar la bola a todo Medellín.
2. Presentarse puntualmente (2 PM) en el Parque de los Pies Descalzos con una almohada.
3. No pelear con alguien que no tenga una almohada.
4. Prohibido usar almohadas con objetos que puedan causar daño como cierres o botones.
5. Almohadas con plumas son mejores.
6. Pelear suave, recuerde que es para diversión.
7. Sí usa lentes, quiteselos durante la guerra.

La "guerra" comienza cuando se de la señal.

El evento es gratis y para todas la edades.

Arghun from Toronto

Posted: 08:34 pm [GMT] on November 17 2006

looks great :p

Minion from T.O.

Posted: 04:01 pm [GMT] on November 17 2006

:o new site layout is wicked ^-^ <3

laru from work

Posted: 05:43 pm [GMT] on November 16 2006


love it, kevin.

Bill from Unknown

Posted: 03:10 pm [GMT] on November 11 2006

Hi all

Lideru from Location unknown

Posted: 07:44


Chris from Weston

Posted: 09:08 am [GMT] on November 03 2006

Peter needs to relax

Peter Ferguson from Kimberley

Posted: 01:26 pm [GMT] on October 30 2006


I've just been trolling your site and find that not only do you want to start naming the lanes, you want to start trashing them up with murals.

Please! Treat the laneways with the respect a wild natural phenomenon deserves: "Leave nothing but footprints."

And remember the old saying: "Don't just do something, stand there!"


Lindsay from Ottawa

Posted: 02:35 pm [GMT] on October 30 2006

Any chance you'll bring some new mind space to Ottawa? I think you'd be very well received (especially by me).

Peter Ferguson from Kimberley

Posted: 10:41 pm [GMT] on October 29 2006


Dear Sir:

Re: Where the streets - uh, lanes - have no names (Oct 28):

Why would anyone want to start naming Toronto's laneways? The joy of them is that they're an illicit pleasure, informal zones where randomness reigns and you're literally off the grid for a while.

A great city preserves its mystery. Name a free spirit and you kill it. Name the lanes and they're over.

Peter Ferguson
Kimberley ON



keala from toronto

Posted: 01:09 am [GMT] on October 28 2006

i *heart* newmindspace!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 05:42 am [GMT] on October 25 2006

it is true, there is a newmindspace facebook and myspace now, how shameful! but seemingly appropriate given the size of the community

lori* from catkins nest

Posted: 07:02 pm [GMT] on October 23 2006

we have a myspace account! *sshhhhh!*

Camille from Toronto

Posted: 06:21 pm [GMT] on October 23 2006

I think you guys should organize a masquerade. Nothing too fancy, just everyone has to wear masks!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 04:06 pm [GMT] on October 19 2006

wow, the spam is so positive! thank you for your wonderful, happy spam.

Andrey Rudenco from Location unknown

Posted: 05:25

I want to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excellent design and it is easy to navigate.

elliot from toronto

Posted: 03:15 pm [GMT] on October 18 2006

My dog ate my subway map button and then threw it up.

Alberto Antolin from Location unknown

Posted: 08:20

It is understandable at once, that development of your site was a titanic work!

Aannabel from Location unknown

Posted: 01:06

I have found on your site a lot of the interesting facts. Thanks!

Indiana from Location unknown

Posted: 09:15

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Larisa Koh from Location unknown

Posted: 07:50

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Mib Black from Location unknown

Posted: 02:10

Cool, informative and simple! That's how it should really be! Webmasters, respect! I only wish that all website owners can realize that!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 04:04 am [GMT] on October 16 2006

atu sams: you can do it yourself! it's easy :)

atu sams from halifax, nova scotia

Posted: 06:35 pm [GMT] on October 15 2006

can u come to halifax?

readier from Unknown

Posted: 11:22 pm [GMT] on October 14 2006

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shortyrock from Location unknown

Posted: 12:49 am [GMT] on October 14 2006

what up

shortyrock from Location unknown

Posted: 12:48 am [GMT] on October 14 2006

hey was up

danaphotos from Location unknown

Posted: 09:17

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danandjo from Location unknown

Posted: 07:19

Love your site!

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Posted: 06:39

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NokiyaUp from Location unknown

Posted: 07:55

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Posted: 07:19

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g.b. from toronto

Posted: 07:42 pm [GMT] on September 24 2006

life is beautiful

desiree from statenisland

Posted: 02:52 pm [GMT] on September 22 2006

hi how are you today

kevin from toronto

Posted: 05:56 pm [GMT] on September 13 2006

don't worry, there is going to be a fairly major rule overhaul. defending the flag is going to be much more difficult, captures will be allowed on any form of transportation, and more. also, we need more refs!

Craig from Toronto

Posted: 09:34 pm [GMT] on September 09 2006

Is it true.... another CTF event in TO.... right on-but we need some new rules so you can actually get a chance at the flag.

landex from maasin

Posted: 01:15 pm [GMT] on August 26 2006


Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 05:16 pm [GMT] on August 24 2006

another terrorist attack?

alo from nyc

Posted: 01:06 am [GMT] on August 23 2006

whats on sept 5 in nyc?

Carly from Vancouver

Posted: 04:47 pm [GMT] on August 22 2006

Good work on the Vancouver robot party! Loved the pics, gotta make it out to the next one, now that I'm in the loop!!!

mommycat from toronto

Posted: 12:16 pm [GMT] on August 21 2006

Looks like a great time! Great to see all the pictures (and tinfoil!) for us who missed it back in TO.

btvzy vuyhpnekm from USA

Posted: 07:31 am [GMT] on August 19 2006

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El cangri from Location unknown

Posted: 09:09 pm [GMT] on August 17 2006


M.A.F.M from Toronto

Posted: 05:08 am [GMT] on August 17 2006

Howdy, How can I find out about a soon to be wonderful event I can join, frolick in and buzz around in Toronto in August, September...?? Would love to find out

Melanie from Toronto

Posted: 10:07 pm [GMT] on August 11 2006

Hey, all. I wanted to let everyone know about a midnight bike ride this Saturday, August 20. We'll meet at 10pm at the corner of Ulster and Euclid in Toronto, north of College and west of Bathurst. It should be a blast!

pantomime 9 from h

Posted: 05:20 am [GMT] on August 07 2006

Props to your organization, I have nevr been to one of your "official" events, however I did make the weskodyne afterparty to your Aug.4 event and was impressed with your focus, creativity and dedication when speaking to each of you. I perform as a live electronic act and would at some point in the future would enjoy very much to play at one of your evnents. However I may be very busy soon,(album and such obligations.) My form of music is essentially psychedelic hip hop. Of course I will perform free of charge. Again impressive, I like the website.


pantomime 9

janet from toronto

Posted: 04:54 am [GMT] on August 06 2006

i live in toronto, but i couldn't make it to the streetcar party. it sounded like a lot of fun though. when do you think the next event will be?

kevin from toronto

Posted: 04:05 pm [GMT] on August 01 2006

unfortunately the streetcar party is going to be our last event in toronto before september. where do you live the rest of the time?

janet from toronto

Posted: 02:24 pm [GMT] on August 01 2006

can you have another subway party before summer break ends? that would be a great way to end the summer!

lori* from toronto

Posted: 08:08 am [GMT] on July 30 2006

the van + sf pages don't actually allow comments : fixed soon!

JunFoma from Location unknown

Posted: 01:21 pm [GMT

Good work, admin!

buy phentermine from Location unknown

Posted: 12:29 pm [GMT

Good day, admin! Thanks for site!

lori* from toronto

Posted: 05:06 pm [GMT] on July 26 2006

we wish (i think?)! but no, it was not

Jacques from the library

Posted: 02:55 pm [GMT] on July 26 2006

Was that really Bono?

lee from new york city

Posted: 05:22 pm [GMT] on July 23 2006


mihaela from toronto

Posted: 12:18 pm [GMT] on July 23 2006

you guys should definitely have some tshirts and hats for sale as well. i'm sure you can find some local stores to donate the shirts and have them silk screened...those would be great for fundraising too. I'd definitely buy (and help sell if necessary) them.

rock on! :D

Sarah from Austin Texas

Posted: 10:36 pm [GMT] on July 19 2006

I Really like bubbles! This site is very bright n' nice. TTYL

Bono from Ireland

Posted: 06:04 pm [GMT] on July 17 2006

I fully endorse all your great ideas. Perhaps some day I'll make an appearance at one of these events, if my schedule permits.

Keep up the good work,

Ian! from TORONTO

Posted: 11:18 pm [GMT] on July 12 2006

I look forward to the pirate streetcar party...I cant wait untill you open it up for comments and such and such...Flight of Fancy was amazing, did i mention that?

paris Hilton from Location unknown

Posted: 09:57 am [GMT

Hi! Its good! Thanks!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 01:32 pm [GMT] on July 11 2006

that's okay, it may not actually be our next one ;)

JamesHarry from Chicago

Posted: 03:16 am [GMT] on July 11 2006

Capture the flag every second saturday of the month, Damen Blue Line Stop, Wicker Park

Holly O from Toronto

Posted: 10:36 pm [GMT] on July 10 2006

AHHH! August 5th is the long weekend! AHHHH! Damn. Won't be able to make that one. *major super pout* And I was so newmindspacely pumped up from FoF.

Li from montreal

Posted: 09:10 pm [GMT] on July 09 2006

looking forward to that metro party, hopefully they wont be vaginas about it and let us have some fun! the video of toronto looked crazy fun!

Holly O from Toronto

Posted: 07:42 pm [GMT] on July 09 2006

Can't wait to see what comes next!

cuban boy from toronto

Posted: 03:35 pm [GMT] on July 08 2006

the best party ever!!! thumbs up for the organizers and everybody! ninja and strong guy did an awesome job with the fire!

tramadol from Location unknown

Posted: 10:10 am [GMT

Good job admn! Thanks!

direct TV from Location unknown

Posted: 10:07 am [GMT

Direct TV is good! Thanks for your site! Thanks admin! Good job!

black from Location unknown

Posted: 12:23 am [GMT

Thanks! Good site!

=X3N= from NY

Posted: 08:11 am [GMT] on July 07 2006

I really like your site.
You guys have some good ideas.

Keep it up.

orpha from Location unknown

Posted: 12:55 am

Your site is great

FomaNew from Location unknown

Posted: 04:31 pm [GMT

Thanks! See U Later!

Adam from Edmonton

Posted: 11:15 pm [GMT] on July 01 2006

Bubbles? In Edmonton? Bring EVERYBODY!!!

karen arbiv from jerusalem - Israel

Posted: 11:44 am [GMT] on July 01 2006

I am highly impressed and excited from the pictures and event.
Does anyone knows the address of the site from where they sell such products?
That would be extremely helpfull as I would like to seel them here as I have my own theatre called "bubbles of your dreams"

my best,

Foma06 from Location unknown

Posted: 06:19 am [GMT

Hi! Nice site! See U later![/

Nicole from Toronto

Posted: 10:27 pm [GMT] on June 28 2006

Can't wait for Bubble Battle this Sunday. I've been spreading the word on MySpace!

Foma from Location unknown

Posted: 06:43 am [GMT

Hi! Nice site! See U later! from Location unknown

Posted: 02:41 am [GMT] on June 24 2006

SuperEmo from Chicago

Posted: 03:44 pm [GMT] on June 22 2006

Anyone know what's happening in Chicago soon? Someone! Quick! Do something before we all die of boredom and cheap beer!

kevin from long island

Posted: 08:47 pm [GMT] on May 24 2006

for manhunt, check out ;)

nicole from NYC

Posted: 04:27 pm [GMT] on May 22 2006

Please say you are bringing back Manhunt and CTF for summer 2006!

lori* from torono

Posted: 06:46 am [GMT] on May 13 2006

the info's on their myspace page, named 'spacenegotiators'

lori* from toronto

Posted: 06:40 am [GMT] on May 13 2006

Preya: there are NO solid (not even ALMSOT SOLID) plans for Montreal. We want to, and we likely will have an event there. But not that soon really. You'll know if you're going. Trust.

Rala: There is tonight! An art gallery, subway party! e-mail me before noon if you want the info :)

rala from chicago

Posted: 03:51 am [GMT] on May 13 2006

is there something happening in chicago this weekend????

sydney from toronto

Posted: 02:43 pm [GMT] on May 08 2006

I had no idea all these things and parties on the ttc where ever happening i am so excited to finally be on the mailing list for the next event!!

Preya from toronto

Posted: 12:01 am [GMT] on May 05 2006

Do we have the plans for Montreal all ready? How are we going and how much is it costing us!?

kristin from toronto

Posted: 02:41 am [GMT] on May 02 2006

newmindspace in montreal!!!!!!
you have no idea how much easier it will be to leave toronto, knowing that you guys will spread the public space love to montreal!
I'm so excited, holy crap!

lori* from toronto

Posted: 04:50 am [GMT] on April 26 2006

first time i've seen the stars on my computer! *gasp* !!!
they're sooooo pretty!!!

laru from to

Posted: 10:27 pm [GMT] on April 24 2006

the stars a beauty.
and i'm sitting here fixing the final things on the doc as we speak!

get pumped and ready to order!

twinkles from kitten nest

Posted: 07:49 am [GMT] on April 23 2006

i like the stars a lot :)

kevin from t-bling

Posted: 07:34 am [GMT] on April 23 2006

our documentary is coming soon! :D a lot of you are in it, and there is some wicked original music!
how do you like the star background?

rinse out from proper

Posted: 11:54

boh selecta

Heather from In The City

Posted: 09:10 pm [GMT] on April 18 2006

So sorry I missed out on the Easter fun... I bought some buttons to remind me not to miss the next event :) All the best...

davidalexander.dingwall from toronto

Posted: 04:37 am [GMT] on April 18 2006

Please let me know when you another transit party,THANKS!

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 04:08 pm [GMT] on April 17 2006

you are my hero

Robert Johnston from Calgary, AB, Canada

Posted: 05:03 pm [GMT] on April 16 2006

Just heard a short interview with Lori and Kevin on CBC Sunday Edition, in Calgary, Alberta. Hey! Calgary is one city with a HUGE need for things like this for 8 months of the year. We do up a great outdoor summer season, but summer is a short season here.

More power to you, what a great idea! Contact me if you have any ability or curiosity about heading to Calgary! from ages search. From online directory .

Posted: 05:12 pm [GMT] on April 13 2006

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David from Toronto

Posted: 01:44 pm [GMT] on April 13 2006

I would like to donate in person on Sunday. What time does the festivities begin and who should I look for to donate?

Eddie from Toronto

Posted: 01:18 am [GMT] on April 10 2006

I don't know if this has been posted but

Apparently in Australia they're doing zombie walks inspired by newmindspace.

kevin from t-bling

Posted: 12:02 am [GMT] on April 09 2006

wow i hate comment spam! i have just added a filter, though, which i expect to greatly reduce this scourge. grr @ comment spam

Cameron from Hamilton

Posted: 04:25 am [GMT] on April 06 2006

Just one more reason I hate poker.

laru from to

Posted: 05:48 pm [GMT] on April 05 2006

today is an exciting day.

the documentary is officially -finished- and this afternoon will be spent getting it all together on one (hopefully) super-fun dvd.

i am very. excited.

also, it shows tomorrow (thursday) for the first time, but unfortunatly it could be any time between 10 and 3ish.
k&l, in case you guys wanted to come, i might be able to peg down a set time to show it. or we do a private screening later.


Kevin from Oshawa

Posted: 02:51 pm [GMT] on April 03 2006

I got my buttons last week! I love them.

Denis from Toronto

Posted: 02:46 am [GMT] on April 01 2006

Heh thanks Kevin - understood - thanks for the quick reply. Hope there will be similar events soon =)

kevin from toronto

Posted: 02:39 am [GMT] on April 01 2006

denis, many of the people who come to our events have an account on another website called purerAve (google it). we are opposed to the idea of a forum because it really invites a lot of garbage and requires moderators. the comments are working well i think :)

Denis from Toronto

Posted: 11:28 pm [GMT] on March 31 2006

Thanks so much for the Dr. Seuss subway party - it was an awesome idea. As a suggestion, I wish there was a forum / chatroom set up for this community - I think that would be a great idea, and I'd be willing to help.

Diana from Richmond Hill

Posted: 12:11 am [GMT] on March 30 2006

THANK YOUUUUUUU LORI and KEVIN for making me love Toronto again. I hated this place for the longest time and I wanted to get out...

Cameron from Toronto

Posted: 10:36 pm [GMT] on March 22 2006

I'm the guy from macFAB...remember?

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 03:38 am [GMT] on March 22 2006

the picture on this page should be changed to easter eggs

mintjellie from the scarbage can

Posted: 05:21 am [GMT] on March 06 2006

i wouldn't mind one of the subway buttons

aj from Location unknown

Posted: 12:46 am [GMT] on March 04 2006

kevin its me from new york i primarly took over nygames when u left theres something posted that says mike died is this true?!?!?

daniel from my house BITCH

Posted: 07:27 am [GMT] on March 02 2006

yo ibe reppin t dot errryday bloodz up kripz down 4 lyfe buckin s straight shots NEWMINDSPAE WHAT NIGGA

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 07:26 am [GMT] on March 02 2006


Daniel from Kalamazoo, MI

Posted: 07:03 pm [GMT] on February 28 2006

I guess no links. My apologies.

Daniel from Kalamazoo, MI

Posted: 06:59 pm [GMT] on February 28 2006

Great minds think alike. I named my business <a href=">Newmind Group</a>. Great site. Alas that Kalamazoo has no subways on which to party.

Greaseman Fan from Tampa,FL.

Posted: 07:14 pm [GMT] on February 19 2006

Sounds like a pretty wacky time! BaDing BaDoong Badong,Ahhhh

Gideon Levy from New York City

Posted: 01:17 am [GMT] on February 19 2006

Hey! It's Gideon, aka General Cockeyed McFeely alongside first mate Lt. Major Fishpillow saying you guys rock, and keep me posted on NYC to-dos!

Valentino Rossi from New York

Posted: 01:16 am [GMT] on February 19 2006

The Pillow Fight was a blast....Im ready for more....

Lauren from Long Island

Posted: 03:09 am [GMT] on February 16 2006

This MUST be illegal. I'm so fucking there!


Posted: 12:39 am [GMT] on February 16 2006

you guys are amazing! im just left speechless!

Mell from toronto

Posted: 02:10 am [GMT] on February 15 2006

Hey, I think what you gusy did to queen is amazing (i heard about it on the news this morning) How can I find out about these things before they happen because im interested in joining this fun!!!

Chris from in bolton (grrrrr)

Posted: 12:16 am [GMT] on February 15 2006

hehehe i'm so proud of you! it looks AWEESOME! i just wish i was able to make it...

laru! from toronto

Posted: 11:06 pm [GMT] on February 14 2006

i wish you guys could have been there when cbc came to talk to us. they really wanted YOU but got me instead. i tried to be as accurate and well spoken as possible despite how tired i was. now that i look back i'm like... "i said 35 people? there were so many more than that!"

either way. thank you for eve.ry.thing.

bruce from queen & john

Posted: 07:44 pm [GMT] on February 14 2006

i love this. thank you. it made my day!

Adria from Toronto

Posted: 05:57 pm [GMT] on February 14 2006

There's a game of Man Hunt ( this Friday Feb 17th 2006 in Yorkville at 8:30pm. Email for more info

nicki from toronto.

Posted: 05:14 pm [GMT] on February 14 2006

it's already on cbc look!

Gloria from

Posted: 02:13 pm [GMT] on February 14 2006

I saw all your great work, guys! I was so tickled to watch some random dude stop near Nathan Phillips Sq. to read a chalked message. You guys rock.

JohnnyD from Toronto

Posted: 10:51 am [GMT] on February 14 2006

Thanks for bringing it all together tonight... I had a blast and am pretty sure Toronto willo too when it wakes up and sees the results!

Mike from Toronto/Richmond Hill

Posted: 04:52 am [GMT] on February 14 2006

awww man...sorry guys...looks like i can't make it to the valentines day parents are watchin me like wolves..i wanted to be apart of somethin really cool...:'(

HollyO from Toronto

Posted: 04:33 am [GMT] on February 11 2006

So...Valentine's day is coming up and the big thing is still a secret! I'm dying to know! Reveal soon...please? *attempts to bribe with doughnuts*

stacy from new york

Posted: 04:25 pm [GMT] on February 10 2006

you r so dum talk about somethin less dull

luke from Location unknown

Posted: 03:39 pm [GMT] on February 10 2006

"Much like a comment spammer from China, I used this space inappropriately. Sorry guys!" [EDITED]

Kyle from Location unknown

Posted: 03:48 am [GMT] on February 10 2006

Kevin, it's Jeans friend from Pol 214, can you bring one of the Subway buttons to class for me?

Ben Harris from Toronto

Posted: 02:01 am [GMT] on February 10 2006

Just kidding! Great site.

Ben Harris from Toronto

Posted: 02:00 am [GMT] on February 10 2006

Stop writing on bus shelters, fool.

lori* from toronto

Posted: 08:02 am [GMT] on February 09 2006

pretty new subway system buttons!
fresh off the presses!
<3 get 'em while they're hot!

Holly Osadec from Toronto

Posted: 10:35 pm [GMT] on February 06 2006

Yeah. I'm game. 'Cause the next day will be a Day 1 at school and Day 1 is the day where I can sleep through every class! Not that... I do that or anything... :D

Otiena from Toronto

Posted: 12:18 am [GMT] on February 06 2006

you guys sound fascinating. When is your next event?

kevin from toronto

Posted: 04:24 am [GMT] on February 04 2006

we're not but you can :) it's not hard, really! if you let us know about it we can even promote it! give it a shot

john from toronto

Posted: 03:10 am [GMT] on February 04 2006

hhaha...i dont want to deal with YRT...

do you guys plan on doing a bus party tho?

Mike from Toronto/Richmond Hill

Posted: 08:13 pm [GMT] on February 03 2006

yea i just tuned in on channel 2 or something..looking forward to the next event!

Deidre from Toronto

Posted: 07:55 pm [GMT] on February 03 2006

Just saw you on TV, you both look amazing

molle from ...

Posted: 07:05 am [GMT] on February 03 2006

when i say 10 a ticket i mean 5 each way

Molle Dorst from toronto/ richmond hill

Posted: 07:01 am [GMT] on February 03 2006

... but the VIVA is north of finch.... id go Finch-Newmarket and back to finch.... its about 10 bucks a person for a ticket and lasts a good 3 hours... as for music i dont know, but call VIVA and see... their Long busses are fun and have a TONNE of space.

kevin from toronto

Posted: 05:06 am [GMT] on February 03 2006

hey john! great idea! you can organize a bus party, it's easy :)

john from toronto

Posted: 03:45 am [GMT] on February 03 2006

Hey, now you guys have had a subway and streetcar need a bus party. maybe u guys could do a VIVA York bus party ;] Maybe from Finch Subway and down Yonge St to Dundas Square

nate from toronto

Posted: 08:47 pm [GMT] on February 02 2006

you (or some other group of public-space mischief makers) should do a Toronto Iditarod. With shopping carts. (do a search for 'urban iditarod' -- the most recent one was in new york a few days ago.)

Lori* from Toronto

Posted: 03:40 am [GMT] on February 02 2006

Holly: we-ell... we don't pick when <3 is :P but if you'll notice, it will be on a tuesday : you should come anyway!

Holly O from Toronto

Posted: 03:38 am [GMT] on February 02 2006

I can't wait to see what the Valentine's Day thing is. If it's not a school night (please don't make it be!), I am SO there!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 10:59 pm [GMT] on February 01 2006

johnnybender >> the thing that interests me about the ATSA event is that it will get people outside. the message is up for debate but i think it will be a lot fun :)

miss jonna from the danforth

Posted: 07:48 pm [GMT] on February 01 2006

johnnybender, ATSA isn't a newmindspace activity. they're a seperate group. i agree that suv driving boneheads probably will toss their tickets instead of taking it to heart, but a vague message like "save our earth" will do even less good, since it's a message we hear all the bloody time from every possible angle, and it doesn't pinpoint suv drivers' irresponsability. the point of these tickets is to give people some personal agency and make them realize that their "rugged nature loving vehicles" are a part of the problem. i think only an approach this direct will work.

JohnnyBender from Toronto

Posted: 05:40 pm [GMT] on February 01 2006

I think the ATSA Attack is a TERRIBLE idea! All those j***s that drive SUVs will just throw the mock tickets on the ground, hurting the environment further. I suggest writing "SAVE OUR EARTH" on their windshield in biodegradable soap instead.

tim from london

Posted: 10:38 am [GMT] on January 18 2006

wow. this is great. I will have to go to Toronto this year

Jeff from Edinburgh

Posted: 10:32 pm [GMT] on January 13 2006

Hey guys... I used to live in Toronto and now in my late 20's I find myself living in Edinburgh... a city with a great carnival atmosphere... glad to hear you're bringing some playfulness to Toronto! Heard your Metro Morning interview via podcast. Way to go! Maybe I should start this here?! :)

Stitch from Topeka, KS

Posted: 06:37 pm [GMT] on January 13 2006

Heylo.. I have heard much about you from endless internet sites and comments. You are awesome! The parties are killer, or so i would imagine.. Here in humble ol' Ka** nothing to this extent ever takes place, tho a few of us try to throw interesting

laru from toronto

Posted: 03:20 am [GMT] on January 12 2006

hello beautiful boy and girl.
i should be emailing this but i was on the site anyway.

question: how would you feel about having a documentary shot about you guys? possibly film some events, how you set up, maybe even a little about your own lives if you're into it. need to think of something brilliant and pretty to do for a production this term, and i think your stuff covers both.

besides, hell, we need to get together. lori, you have my number somewhere? call me! ack!

Sarah from toronto

Posted: 01:56 am [GMT] on January 12 2006

Dearest Kevin and Lori! (formal letter structure is fun) I would like to inquire into what you may be doing possibly in the spirit of Valentines Day? Anything?

Adam from T.O.

Posted: 12:40 am [GMT] on January 12 2006

I hope everyone has fun! I'm going to the Bon Jovi concert that night (yes, bon jovi), so I can't go anymore. See you at the next event though! :)

Greg from London Ontario

Posted: 09:52 pm [GMT] on January 11 2006

London is a little south of Toronto, doesn't mean we can take from it's spirit. If any one else from london wants something like this to happen here, leave a comment.

miss jonna from toronto

Posted: 07:25 am [GMT] on January 11 2006

congratulations on the interview! it sounded fantastic. what an amazing plug!

Fender from Toronto

Posted: 04:49 am [GMT] on January 11 2006

.ram format? Friggen CBC.

I love Satomi / Sarah from Toronto

Posted: 10:13 pm [GMT] on January 10 2006

I HEARD YOU GUYS TALKING TO ANDY BARRY THIS MORNING! CONGRATZ! That was funny, waking up to the sound of your voices...

marnie from Toronto

Posted: 06:33 pm [GMT] on January 10 2006

Please put me on your mailing list for upcoming events. Amazing!

Chris from Toronto

Posted: 01:28 pm [GMT] on January 10 2006

I just heard about newmindspace on CBC's Metro Morning -- subway parties sounds awesome! (next time, I guess)

canook from

Posted: 09:45 pm [GMT] on January 02 2006

I just learned about newmindspace through uTOpia . Is it possible to get tickets at an event rather than over the net with a credit card (I am particularly interested in the streetcar party)?

Rick from Parksville BC

Posted: 12:04 am [GMT] on January 02 2006

Very Interesting!!!

Anibal from Toronto

Posted: 05:25 pm [GMT] on December 25 2005


Derek Carter from Barrie, but my heart is in TO

Posted: 06:11 am [GMT] on December 22 2005

Hey guys... got a news clipping from you in The Toronto Star culture section. Good job!!

Derek Carter
Site Administrator

Mehdi from Toronto

Posted: 07:44 am [GMT] on December 13 2005

I love this site, its really cool if you guys want some flash animation please contact me, I would love to help.

Zim from George Snufalupogus

Posted: 01:27 am [GMT] on December 13 2005

got it wrong...

Damian from Mississauga

Posted: 01:23 am [GMT] on December 13 2005

The Hour also cited your website wrong, instead of (oh good job George)

Damian from Mississauga

Posted: 01:22 am [GMT] on December 13 2005

You guys are being shown on The Hour :)

Michael D from NYC

Posted: 07:05 pm [GMT] on December 10 2005

Kevin is awesome

lori from toronto

Posted: 02:31 am [GMT] on December 10 2005

there will be plenty for the holidays! (about one event a month)

keep your eyes peeled! <3

shellz from wop-bridge

Posted: 01:21 pm [GMT] on December 08 2005

you did something for easter, and mother's day...

is there gona be something like that for the hollidays/christmas?

yes, no? please...

kevin from the res office

Posted: 08:27 pm [GMT] on December 07 2005

this space is for comments!

kara henderson from pa

Posted: 05:22 pm [GMT] on December 07 2005

i dont understand the procedure thats going on here, what is this space all about?

kara henderson from Erie Pennsylvania

Posted: 05:21 pm [GMT] on December 07 2005

I like large pillows that are full of fluff

mally mallsouth from Location unknown

Posted: 10:05 pm [GMT] on December 04 2005


lori* from toronto

Posted: 03:30 am [GMT] on November 26 2005

my mom is the coolest cat ;)

mommycat from Toronto

Posted: 02:00 pm [GMT] on November 25 2005

Hi Lori and Kevin, Congrats on the book and Toronto Life article! Hope your mom has a Happy Birthday and enjoys the book!

kevin from uTOpia

Posted: 02:25 am [GMT] on November 25 2005

we would love to! :-P i am giving my mom a signed book for her birthday tomorrow

joelf from

Posted: 12:54 am [GMT] on November 25 2005

nice. will you sign my copy???

kieran from

Posted: 08:21 pm [GMT] on November 22 2005

you guys are totally rockin - apprecuate the good work

amandla from pickering

Posted: 06:06 pm [GMT] on November 18 2005

nice update

kevin from toronto

Posted: 02:13 am [GMT] on November 18 2005

xen0: host your own :) check out our metromorphosis guide on how to hold your own ctf events

xen0 from Toronto

Posted: 01:57 am [GMT] on November 18 2005

I want more CTF =(

kevin from the heart

Posted: 12:06 am [GMT] on November 18 2005


Lori* from Toronto

Posted: 11:56 pm [GMT] on November 17 2005

SURPRISE!!! thanks kevin

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