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kisses at the bubble battle!
photo by linus gelber

Thank you for making this such a beautiful event, New York!

On Friday, June 16th 2006, we hosted a sequel to our 2005 bubble blowing called "Bubble Battle" and met at the Cube, a sculpture in New York City. Hundreds of people with bubble guns, bubble machines and bubble love came to celebrate! The day was a beautiful mix of fun and soap :)

Bubble Battle NYC

FRIDAY, JUNE 16 @ 6:16 PM

Meet at the Cube. Rain or shine.

8th Street-Broadway
Astor Place

Millions of bubbles fill the sky as we rally at the Cube for a massive bubble battle! Beautiful bubbles glimmer and shimmer as the wind carries them in an enchanting dance. Join us at 6:16pm with your wildest toys and let the bubbles soar!

For more info, e-mail love(at)


an aerial view of the spot

printable subway advisory!


Photos, Video & Press

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Kevin's mom's video

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Please tag photos "newmindspace" - E-mail photos & video to love @ :)

What to Bring
  • Please bring bubble toys or wands, which can be purchased from K-Mart (there is one in Astor Place, but the one on 34th St. has more toys)
  • Bubble solution can be bought in a store or made at home: see the recipes below.
  • AA batteries will come in handy for the bubble guns and machines.
  • If you have a camera, this event will make for excellent photography!

Bubble Solution Recipes

In general, one part Dawn or Joy dishwashing soap and fifteen parts water makes an excellent small bubble solution.
If you want larger bubbles, however, check out this link.


queen street, toronto // firstwarmnight, nyc

bubbles are among the purest forms of joy and freedom; otherwise, they wouldn't attract such obvious universal love. bubbles are temporary art, ejaculations of flight that drift on currents of wind hither and thither, meant to be not viewed like a gallery's painting but beheld.

using various devices, we have produced large displays of bubbles on several occassions, including the firstwarmnight street festival. simply walking down the street with a humming bubble gun or machine in tow transforms you into a happiness delinquent, a love soldier in a war on the mundane and unhappy.

our next plan is to bubble the entire brooklyn bridge! it is ambitious, certainly; american bridges and tunnels are among the most highly-guarded infrastructures in the world and photography has recently been banned within a considerable distance. not to mention, it's really long.