nyc big wheel race saturday october 18th 2008

Photo by Scott Beale of Laughing Squid

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Zombie Unicorn presents (with a little help from Newmindspace)

Bring your big wheel, trike, skateboard, velocipede, or handmade contraption on wheels along with your superhero costume to race down the Great Hill in Central Park against the greatest front and rear axelers.

You'll need a helmet and other protective gear. Your vehicle's seat must, at its lowest point, be lower than 12 inches. That's low. Wheel size is open. Rubber wheels are strongly discouraged.

Free registration for racing: e-mail flopaint (at) Spectators more than welcome. Standard big wheels are available at Target and odder wheeled units are probably available on trash day on your corner.

Meet up at Central Park Drive at 103rd St. on the East side. We'll take a walk through and then the main event.

Prizes for most original vehicle, costume and 4th place finisher.

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